Cosmological Mysteries by Diaz. Photo by Allan Sturm

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"Art is a reflection of ourselves, the story of humanity, and a quest to understand the physical and metaphysical world. As we try to understand our place in the universe, art can be an important part of the dialogue we can create and share with each other. In my work, I seek to reveal the mysterious with arcane imagery and techniques that make sense to me on a deep level that words cannot quantify. There is an underlying dichotomy of the power of technology and our quantum connection to our Universe. How might our use or misuse of technology permanently alter the future of humanity, and what is our personal responsibility for our effect on the world and on each other? It is my attempt to capture the complexity and beauty of the underlying mechanisms that bind us in an emotion."


Daniel Martin Diaz, a Tucson, Arizona-based fine artist, emerges as a significant figure in contemporary art, distinguished by his profound engagement with the mysteries of life and science. His oeuvre, acclaimed globally, encompasses a rich tapestry of themes and mediums, earning him prestigious accolades and features in eminent publications such as the LA Times, NY Times, Juxtapoz, High Fructose, and Low Rider Magazine. Diaz's artistic journey is chronicled in four personal art books, testifying to his deep exploration of existential and scientific inquiries.

Diaz's artistry extends beyond traditional canvases, contributing significantly to large public art projects across the United States. His achievements include a gold and platinum record designed for Atlantic Records, underscoring his versatile engagement with various art forms and media.

At the core of Diaz's philosophy, art serves as a mirror to humanity, a narrative medium that delves into the physical and metaphysical realms. His work is a quest to articulate the ineffable, employing arcane imagery and techniques that transcend verbal expression. Diaz grapples with the juxtaposition of technological prowess and our quantum interconnection with the universe, pondering the implications of technology on humanity's future and our collective responsibility towards the world and each other.

Diaz's fascination with scientific and philosophical concepts is evident in his work. His interest spans Anatomy, Computer Science, Math, Cosmology, Biology, Quantum Physics, and Consciousness. He finds an unexpected beauty in scientific diagrams, which, despite their utilitarian nature, captivate him with their aesthetic simplicity. Diaz's preference for drawing as a medium stems from its intimacy and immediacy, qualities he finds uniquely expressive compared to painting.

Diaz's clientele is as diverse as his artistic interests, including HBO's "Game of Thrones," Netflix's "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Episode," PBS, Warner Bros, and various renowned music and publishing companies. His work is included in permanent collections of notable institutions like the National Museum of Mexican Art, Chicago, and the Tucson Museum of Art, among others.

His public art and commissions are diverse, ranging from the "Sunset Bridge Across The Santa Cruz River Art Project" to the award-winning "Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport Terrazzo Project." His contributions to sacred spaces, like the San Antonio De Padua Catholic Church, reflect the depth and range of his artistic endeavors.

Diaz's accolades include the NTMA's "Job of the Year" for the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport Terrazzo Public Art Project in 2013, further cementing his status in the art world. His personal publications, including "Catastrophe of Free Will" and "Soul Machine," offer a deeper insight into his artistic psyche and thematic preoccupations.

His community involvement and exhibitions, both national and international, demonstrate his commitment to engaging with broader audiences and contributing to the cultural discourse. From hosting artist lectures at the Phoenix Art Museum to showcasing his work in Paris and Berlin, Diaz's influence spans across continents, making him a notable figure in contemporary art.