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Original drawing from the 72 card DMD Earth Tarot Deck

MediumInk, Graphite, on Paper
Price: $1,500 (Unframed) -FedEx shipping is free

"As the creator of these originals, I can personally attest to the extensive research and thought that went into their creation. The intersection of alchemy and mysticism was a central inspiration for the overall concept of these works. My goal was to convey the profundity and significance of the world of divination, and to demonstrate its ability to guide individuals on their personal journeys of self-discovery. I paid close attention to every detail, from the symbology to the overall aesthetic feeling of each piece. Each drawing was meticulously hand-drawn with an eye towards presentation, resulting in a body of work that I hope will be appreciated for its depth and authenticity." - DMD

Please note: Some of the originals will be slightly edited during the digital process for the printing of the deck. This is so that the image reads clearer when reduced to the size of the tarot card. You will be purchasing the original artwork. All hand created!