Tabernacle Algorithm

Tabernacle Algorithm

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Tabernacle Algorithm
  1. An advanced or sacred AI system that oversees a society, with "Tabernacle" alluding to the AI's esteemed position and "algorithm" referring to its core computational structure.

  2. An enigmatic, potent, or even perilous algorithm associated with religious or spiritual convictions, prophecies, or relics within the narrative.

  3. A cryptographic or computational method that can unveil hidden knowledge or grant entry to a sacred or safeguarded location, acting as a digital "key" to a cosmic or virtual tabernacle.

  4. A process merging technology and spirituality, such as an algorithm with the ability to forecast or manipulate religious occurrences or divine interventions.


Graphite on Aged Paper
•Original artwork created by Daniel Martin Diaz. Ships unframed.
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